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Friday, 21 March 2014

In memory of a Gentle Giant...

Welcome to the first day of Spring......'tis good ya?

Certainly for me it feels as though it was a welcome relief. To know that Winter is behind us for now, and that hopefully Summer is just around the corner.

The last month for our family has been difficult, with the loss of someone very close to us who we miss greatly. My gentle giant of a Godfather sadly passed away a few weeks ago and this week we all attended his well supported funeral.

I find funerals all rather a bit odd. There you are meeting all these people who cared, loved and laughed with someone that you loved too. They all know him in one way or another, and yet the majority of the people have never met before. It also feels as though the person passing has missed out on the greatest celebration of their years...their life.

I believe that funerals should be done before someone dies. So you really get to say goodbye and swap photos, stories & memories. So the person who is dying really has a chance to see how much we love them. I spend the whole time thinking; I wish they could see this.

I am lucky. I have an extensive amount of memories that I share about my Godfather. I can talk to my children about him with warmth, with tears, with humour and his legacy will continue to go on.

He would have loved this weather. He was always out in his garden, watching the birds and walking his dogs. So it seems fitting that the week of his funeral saw the first day of Spring.

So to my Godfather this week, Goodbye and Thank you. I am honoured to have been a part of your life.