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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

School nights...

Oh dear...it is only half seven and Pootle and I are already on our third G&T...things could get slightly naughty...

"I had a dream," she says sipping her drink in a slightly wobbly way. "That Hugh Jackman and I had sex."
"Nice," I concur...how can you not?
"He was hot. He was naughty, and he told me to shut up."
"Any particular reason?"
"Because I was talking, and he wanted to take me up against the wall."
"Yeah, that would do it."
She ponders for a bit, "I was quite excited by it...then he had a fag and when I told him he couldn't smoke there, he just blew it in my face."
"Bad boy then?"
"Oh yeah..." She smiles...in fact we both smile and consider Hugh Jackman for a moment.

"So, how was your day?" She asks me, returning to normality for a brief moment, however I feel that Hugh Jackman may return before the end of the evening.
"Actually, pretty cool." I tell her, "I met someone who boosted my self esteem immensely."
"They were nice to me...said nice things and told me I had a nice aura."
"Yep," she says ever the hippy, "the aura, that will do it."

"Yours?" I ask her.
"I flirted with some men in theatre today, and brought home some scrubs to wander round the house in."
"God girl, we just need you in that stethoscope and you will be hot."
She looks at me slyly, "I know...you can borrow them too you know."
I nod, "cool...."
"Another gin?"
"Yeah, what the hell? It's only a school night...."

Monday, 29 April 2013

The perfect coffee...

Sometimes taking a blind leap of faith is all you can do.

You have to trust what is out there and what other people feel or say to you, and hold those sentiments close to you so that it gets you through the hard times.

I have taken that step today. That leap out into the possibility, with the belief that faith will catch me.

I have learnt that sometimes doing the hardest thing can eventually bring the greatest reward, and I am hoping that my actions today will lead to that...

...and hey you never know, maybe, just maybe...when I fly back from New York I will have the perfect cup of coffee waiting.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Friends like these...

Someone blew me away today.

Someone actually made me scream out loud, in public, for at least two minutes...then I cried.

Impressive huh?

Now I can assure you, ecstasy at that level isn't an easy feat, however this person managed to help me attain that level and I haven't seen them for two years.

With the help of my friend J, it was arranged that I would be surprised at Brighton Pier at 3pm this afternoon by my lovely friend L who I haven't seen for just over two years. L lives in Gran Canaria and was over just for the weekend and through careful messaging, her and J arranged the most amazing surprise.

It was totally awesome seeing her and yes I screamed and cried because she is one of my many friends who has always supported me even long distance, (although you forgot the knitting patterns babe!) and it was truly bloody overwhelming to see her...hence the crying into her shoulder.

I have to say I really have had an absolutely brilliant weekend, I have been so lucky and why I ever get sad I will never know because I truly do have the most amazing people around me.

I had dinner with a very lovely friend on Friday night, a great day with my dad on Saturday, and before the excitement of seeing L today, the hobbits and I spent two hours watching Robot Wars....live!

Who knew that watching tiny to large robots ripping the crap out of each other could be such fun?

It was AWESOME!!!! I am not sure who got more fun out of it, the hobbits or me...they fight like hell, throw each other out of the arena, chop each other up and try to squash the hell out of their opponents. My highlight was the dalek and Goliath, the most amazing piece of robot engineering...totally impressed...and Dad, you have so got to come next time!

However the real highlight of the weekend has to go to L. Babe, you are such a great friend...I can not believe that you and J kept that quiet from me, (cos if you knew J, any secret would have killed her)...it was emotional as hell seeing you, but you did indeed promise me a hug and a cuppa and I so needed it.

Thank you for flying thousands of miles and giving me the boost that I needed, just when I needed it...so you see, with friends like these, I have no reason to ever be sad.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Intelligent totty...

Two out of three hobbits are off on a school trip today.

They are very excited about going and chatted animatedly about it at bed time last night. However, one vital piece of information stopped me in my reading tracks of The Gruffalo's Child...

"Mr H is going," says Superman.
"Oh?" I say, the raised eyebrows and slightly raised voice completely missed by my son...however his excitement is palpable.
"Yes, and C and I are with him all day!" He says almost bursting. Clearly Mr H has made an impression on my son.
"So you like Mr H?"
"Yes, he reads with me."

Mr H sounds like he has made quite an impression on quite a few of the children, not just my little superman and his best friend. They do say that if a teacher can impress you in your school years, then you are more likely to be inspired in your own learning.

So, Batman and Superman are ready to go see some animals. They are packed with bottles of water, sun cream, a very nice lunch (with a healthy apple), a rain mac (just in case) and have some healthy mantra's that they may feel like repeating on the way round to Mr H...

'Mummy is lovely....Mummy is kind...she rides a motorbike and is cool...Mummy is intelligent totty....' To name just a few....

Hey don't judge me. I know what I want; the Hollywood ending is still there and still has the possibility of sweeping me off my feet...but in the meantime, maybe Mr H is free...

Mini roll...

Once again I see the early hours of Wednesday morning.

I have been awake now for about an hour, so after fidgeting and kicking the duvet for twenty minutes or so I have succumbed to the kettle calling me.

Always there in a crisis, always there when I need it...and if added with a side order of a chocolate mini roll then even better.  Alas, no mini roll this morning...it is too early for delights of chocolate covered sponge, so I am happy to settle for a hot cup of the good stuff.

My brain is busy....it is chatting to itself like it really wasn't half four in the morning, like it was just a normal part of the day and it was passing the time with another brain by the coffee machine. Quite frankly, I wish it would actually shut the f**k up.

I don't think I could tell you one specific subject that is keeping my grey matter occupied this morning, indeed there are a few issues that has it chomping at the bit for attention or indeed solutions...probably why it is so busy; were it just one I could resolve it, sort it, go back to sleep happy in the knowledge of a job done.

Perhaps I should reiterate here that I am not unhappy. I am not depressed or going through a traumatic period in my life; it is just 'stuff' gets in the way of life sometimes doesn't it?

I read somewhere many years ago that we need seven things to keep our minds ticking over nicely. Anything less and we become bored and disinterested, anymore and the bucket becomes too full and consequently we become overwhelmed...we can only retain seven things. Not many is it?

However, is that seven major subjects or just seven things? I have sub headings and bullet points too, do they count? Every header has a list underneath it, which may or may not have seven things...but in total there are definitely more than seven things.

I am aware that I am rambling...never a good sign.
Dawn is here now...
Perhaps she will make me another cup of tea...and if I am really lucky, she might bring me a mini roll...
I am ready for one now.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mr Blue Sky...

Today was just about one of the best Sunday's in a very long time.

Pootle and I finished what was left to paint in her kitchen, and apart from a little bit of woodwork we are nearly done. We have even painted her old chairs out in the sun while listening to music...dancing in the street is one of the best ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The temperature notched up to 16 degrees at one point and this of course brings out the madness of small people...I have to confess it was quite nice watching the children who live in the street (including the hobbits) in a full blown water fight this afternoon, and it obviously did them some good as they are all fast asleep this evening and full after our mini barbecue tonight.

So a great Sunday...really great; catching up with old and new friends; time with hobbits, Pootle and her boys, our first Barbecue of the year and planning stages of the New York itinerary. 

Thanks Mr Blue Sky...you made us all happy again...

Saturday, 20 April 2013


I have just crawled into bed.

After having just three hours sleep in the last 48, and feeling as though every ounce of energy I had left has completely dissipated I am realising that I am simply too old to party until the wee hours of the morning anymore.

A hard fact...but one I should really take on board, after rolling in at half three this morning, and awake again at half six...even just typing it makes my eyes twitch in tiredness.

It was of course an excellent evening, with excellent company and that is the problem with evenings that good...you don't want them to end.

Nevertheless end it did, with 2 or 3 people quids in with the money, whilst the rest of us slunk home in shame...or just slunk because of the alcohol content in their bloodstream.

This morning I awoke next to a hobbit and a snoring Pootle who was suffering from just a teeny tiny hangover...and today just to make the punishment fit the crime, we have spent most of the day decorating her kitchen...job nearly done at half past seven this evening as well, what a team, eh Pootle?

Hence the reason we are dragging our feet now at just half past nine at night...we can do no more...in fact, I don't even think I can check grammar or spelling mistakes on the blog, in fact I don't even know how to finish it...l

Friday, 19 April 2013

Show me the money...

Casino night tonight.

Do you think the ability to play poker has gone to my head a wee bit?

Well, truth be told it wasn't my idea, but is in fact J's idea in celebration of her birthday. We have been told strict instructions that it is tuxedo and smart dress, so it is a nice excuse to buy a new dress and slip on the boots.

Yes, dad, they are on their second outing and they are rather loving being out in the big wide world.

Depending on whether I win or lose tonight, (and winning is highly unlikely based on my current skill level) it should be a good night. Texas hold 'em poker, Roulette and Black Jack...and we each throw a tenner in, so out of twelve people it could be lucrative if I win.

So wish me luck...I have a lucky rabbit foot in my bag, my four leaf clover and I ran over a black cat today, (less lucky for him)....

....oh and I have also decided to wear a very specific good luck necklace; I would never forget that in a hurry...

So, baby, show me the money...

Friendship library...

I spent last night in very good company indeed.

B has finally returned to UK soil after fifteen months of getting a tan in another country, so it was only appropriate that I finally made her Shepherd's Pie and that we celebrated her return with cava.

Pootle also finally met B, which I am immensely pleased about...my favourite girl finally meeting my girly snog. :-)

I am very lucky to have B in my life; she is an incredibly joyful, warm and intuitive person. She knows that if I were to snog any woman under the reflection of mistletoe that it would be her, but thankfully she forgives my general cheeky misdemeanour because, well, because she is just B.

Thinking about her this morning on another early morning rise, I once again count myself incredibly lucky that I have such amazing friends because I don't think I have done anything to be this fortunate; perhaps I am one of those people who is lucky in friendships but unlucky in love?

If you read back over my blog my friends have stood the test of time. They each have a place in my heart, and although they may get weary with my general mid life crisis behaviour (you know who you are) they still stand by my side, and rarely say...'I told you so'.

I said rarely.

Therefore once again I want to acknowledge them all, for the unconditional friendship they give me. There really are too many to mention, (doesn't that sound pompous?) but there really is...some have never met, some know each other equally as well as they do me; some live in hot countries, some live in the cold part of the UK; some are mothers, fathers, some are married some are single or are new parents, I would love to name them so that they can see themselves, but hopefully I have managed to cover them adequately enough here.

They ground me. Universally their experience acts as good standing point for major decisions in my life, and what I love is that sometimes they agree, sometimes they conflict...it is like a friendship library, and I can go to one and gain their experience and advice for a specific issue while another would provide me with something entirely different.

But collectively, they love me as much as I do them. I don't have to speak to them on a daily or even weekly basis, but they are always there.
As I hope they know I am for them...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Something good...

...and then suddenly out of nowhere, life throws you something you least expected.

Something good.

Homemade cookies...

There is a reason, finally, to get excited about the school run.

It isn't just because one can happily skip off to work knowing that your children are being educated, are safe and are with people who care for them...no, no, no, but also because there is now a new, hot male student teacher....and he is in the class with one of the hobbits.

At last - some eye candy for us mum's on the bleary eyed mornings. Finally, a reason to reapply that lipstick and totter in looking gorgeous....Mr H.

He has caused a little bit of a stir with his salt and pepper hair, white smile and general good looks, in fact so much so we are all being on our best behaviour and demonstrating our loving parenting skills in abundance as we say goodbye to our little people in the morning.

I feel there may be some serious competition in the cake making department over the coming weeks, as some of the mums see this as an opportunity to produce some homemade baking at its highest standard. In fact, do you think there may well be a rush for some to offer their services in reading class, or in fact their assistance on the forthcoming field trip?

It must be really hard being a male teacher in a school, especially a nice looking one...after all the poor guy might actually be married, (however I am fairly sure that secret will be revealed by the end of the week) and there is a swarm of women like bees to honey saying good morning and asking for one to ones as they are really concerned about little Johnnie's reading lately....

Thankfully...pah, I am not interested. Why would I be? I am enjoying what I have at the moment, haven't got time surely to take on anything else? You understand that don't you?

I feel for the guy, I really do...I am sympathetic and understanding to his plight...aren't I nice? I know when I am beat by the competition around me.

Anyway...god, is that the time? Got to dash...I have a hair appointment in an hour and I had best get my homemade cookies out of the oven!

Going out in style...

Just eight weeks and two sleeps until Pootle and I jet off to New York!

I promise not to do that on every blog for the next eight weeks, however I can't promise that as we get closer to the days that I won't start counting in sleeps...so bear with me, ok?

It also means that I have just eight weeks to finish my list, and as always I have left things to the last minute but there has been progress lately and things are starting to come together.

Both the tractor driving and off roading experience are in the planning stages, and I have made a decision on what type of tattoo I want.

What I really haven't focused on is the writing. The novel that will be, and is bound to be crap, but nevertheless it is on the list and I want to move on much farther than I have with it. I don't expect to finish it in eight weeks...but I could at least have the first draft out couldn't I? Adream would suggest poetically that I should have pulled my finger out many years ago, and he is right, I am a great procrastinator when I feel like it.

So I have made some decisions in the last few days that hopefully will give me some time to do these things over the coming two months. The blog has been cathartic; it has helped my journey for the past ten months immensely and I am still at a loss to know what to do next if anything at all. Do I continue with a new blog, or do I just say goodbye to it as something that was a working tool for the year that I needed it most?

Pootle mentioned to me that she felt that the last post in New York will be emotional, no matter what happens...it has been a hell of a year; however the fact that the last post will be in NY is very poignant.

In the meantime, she and I are getting ready with our plans for our trip. We will be 'working it' on the plane, (she has purchased classy red shoes to totter down the gangway with) so hopefully our ATD may get us SFU, and who knows we may get to sit next to the MOB and drink gin and tonics in first class all the way.

We have so many other plans as well to cram into our four days of fun in the Big Apple, giant Piano's, Broadway, hot dogs on a street corner, re-enacting the bar scene from Pretty Woman (but not the one where she sits on the piano keys, I like Pootle...but not that much) and lots of sight seeing...

The blog and us, just have to go out in style...

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Battered, bruised but still smiling....

It happened today.

At about 2.30 this afternoon to be more precise. Something clicked and it all started to flow a whole lot better, and I think I may have just become a biker chick.

I have to confess, it really didn't start well at all.

The sun was shining, the rain had gone and there I was about to get on my chosen bike for the afternoon...took it off the stand as I have done so many times, but for some reason I became wobbly...and dropped it on top of me.

The shame...

The guys were all very good, but it hurt...not just my now broken skin but also my pride a little bit. I was feeling confident up to that point, but now I had to brush myself down, get back on the bike and cautiously ride up the road feeling a little dented myself.

"It was a great fall," says M trying to reassure me, "very graceful."
"Really?" I ask, rubbing both tender calves.
"No. Not really." He smiles, "But everyone has to do it at least once."

Consequently, coming up the rear behind the instructor I had lost of bit of the confidence I had gained yesterday. I felt all flustered changing gear, and my hands were shaking making the throttle jerk.

Thankfully, we did a few circuits for the guys in the front to get used to being out on the road, and this gave me some time to compose myself a little bit.

The following two hours were fairly uneventful, until we started on our way back. For some reason, all the things they had been saying to me suddenly became clear and I stopped over thinking it. My gear changes were smoother; I actually started looking in the direction I wanted to go and letting the bike follow and I pulled on the throttle and didn't feel as though I was gonna fall off....I even hit the heady heights of 55mph and would have gone faster quite happily had it not been for the chap I was following.

It was an adrenalin rush like you wouldn't believe. I was truly riding a motorbike, no longer a wobbly, unstable girl on two wheels but someone who knew what they were doing.

Needless to say I didn't want to go back to the school...but alas the voice in my ear piece told me I had to.

I just had to hug my instructor when I got back who told me he could see the difference in my riding...I know I have still a long way to go, but now I have a bike I can practice on....

...and although I ended the day feeling marginally a bit more bruised and battered than I started it...I also ended up with a massive beam on my face. I did it! :-D

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bigger and better...

Pootle and I are chick flicking it tonight.

That doesn't mean we are playing some strange game of tiddly winks, but merely we have come half way through the weekend and are exhausted already; so consequently only dinner, tea and Bridget Jones and Mark D'Arcy will do....
"Nice boys don't kiss like that" says Bridget breathlessly at the end...
"Oh yes they f**king do..." Mark gasps as he embraces her once again...The Hollywood ending....yeah baby.

God we are suckers for a decent screen kiss...as we pass the tissues and the chocolate buttons.

Anyway what has led to my shattered demise this evening, was a day out biking with the boys from Bike Smart. They have retrained me all over again after a six month dry spell, and I have come to the end of the day feeling quite spent.

Being back out on the bike again today was sobering.
I have left it far too long and I must make more of an effort to practice more. It took me some time to remove my training wheels, but by mid afternoon I was getting there and spent the next two hours practicing with the lovely Dave.

The trouble was...it was absolutely bucketing down. By the time we had finished, my nose was running, my arse was soaking, my hands were numb and my feet were like wet blocks of ice. Walking back into the office, I looked like the frog from 'Room on the Broom'...

I have decided that a courier I will not be, this is purely for pleasure and when it is definitely not raining.  I don't do rain while riding a motor bike...I am a wuss.

Nevertheless, my beautiful new crash helmet got christened (not literally Dad, it stayed on my head and nowhere near the road)...and even though it was raining and freezing, an itch must have been scratched because I am doing it all again tomorrow.

I can genuinely say I absolutely love being out on the bike again - I really have been bitten by the bug and can not wait to move on from the practice, to the enjoyment and then onto bigger and better things.

The DAS course may not happen within the year of being forty, but I believe that it is entirely possible that it will happen within the year of being forty one...bring it back on tomorrow.

Friday, 12 April 2013


The weekend is just around the corner....in fact it is peeking it's head around the door even now, and will be here in just a few hours.

I am rather looking forward to this weekend as I am, for a change, hobbit free. Now, of course I adore my hobbits but for just a few sleeps they are away with their dad and I have a bit of freedom.

Alas, there is a very good chance I will probably use the time to clean the house without having a hobbit that follows behind me recreating a mess....but I also have some me things planned.

A group of us are playing poker tonight. I almost sound professional don't I? Well, I can assure you I really am not, but it should be a good bunch complete with Nachos and wine...a given with Poker I understand.

My Dad will be very pleased to hear that I have booked in an all day riding session on Saturday...biker chick abound (well, wobbly girl with a helmet on at least)...and Saturday evening will be spent with one of my most favourite people in the world.

In theory Sunday should be a day of rest but when you only have a little window of freedom, one can't help but fill it with good things to do and it appears that in the English dictionary that persistence does indeed come after penultimate.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Spring is in the air, which in the world according to Pootle explains a lot of what is currently happening in the air right now.

For me daffodils, frisky lambs and baby bunnies come to mind...naturally.

After a frank and full discussion of the weeks events, I turn and look at her and in all sincerity ask her, "What the hell is going on?"
"Spring, baby."
"Mating season." She looks at me wryly as if she knows about these things, and indeed if the attention she herself has received this week is anything to go by this would make a great deal of sense.
"So, the lighter evenings and warmer days are bringing out inner urges is that what you are telling me?"
"Yep, there is no other reason for it...we are all coming out of hibernation..."
"Like every other animal, people are feeling frisky."

Wow, so Spring...who knew you would be so liberating? Or, at the very least so enlightening....
...and if this is what happens in Spring, what the hell is the Summer season going to bring?

My work is not yet done...

The mission went well you will be pleased to hear.

Well...of sorts. The last instruction I gave her as she tottered off on her heels into the night, was forgotten by the time she arrived at the station.

"So?" I ask, eager for all the details.
"Well, it didn't happen exactly as it was supposed to." She informed me, "for a start he didn't notice anything when he got in the car, and the first thing he did notice when we arrived home...was that I had heels on."
"Did you not take his hand when he got in the car? Guide it to where the top of the stocking met the suspenders?"
"No, I forgot that bit" she says sheepishly, "anyway, he probably still wouldn't have noticed."
Her boyfriend shakes his head, "I would have noticed, I wasn't that drunk!"

I look at him..."I even sent you a text message to give you the heads up!"
He shrugs..."we'll I wasn't sure what was going on...alcohol induced."

"So he notices the shoes, but nothing else," she continues, "however when we got home my son was still up, so consequently I had to leave my coat on...all he keeps saying over and over again was, 'why you still got your winter coat on? Are you cold? Take it off. However, of course I couldn't without exposing myself to my 16 year old son!!!"
"So? What did you do?"
She smiles at me slyly, "I stood where I could only be seen by him rather than my son and exposed a little bit of what was underneath...to which he replied Oh my God...Happy Days!"
Her fella is now sitting with a massive grin on his face and I turn to him, "see? Am I not the best girlfriend's friend ever?"
"You are indeed...and next time I will pay more attention to the random text messages you send me!"
"You'd better....because clearly my work here is not yet complete!" I smile.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mission very possible...

I have set my friend a challenge today.

She is picking up her boyfriend from the station tonight and after some discussion, I have suggested that she spices it up a little bit.

Initially she looks at me me in horror..."Every time you suggest anything naughty, I end up in trouble." She says over coffee. "Do you remember what happened with the dining room table?"
I remember it well...thankfully the visions are all in my imagination.
"Not every time," I reassure her, "some things have worked very well in your favour, and any way I am now living vicariously through you, so you have to do this for the girls."
She looks at me with a worried look on her face. "So tell me again what I need to do."
"The underwear, the stockings, the heels....long coat, but not so long that he can't see the stocking tops when you are sitting waiting for him outside the station."
She grimaces, "I will get pulled over by the police!"
"Not if you don't drive like a lunatic." I say.
"He'll think I have gone mad."
"Babe, do this right...and he'll go mad for you."

She needs some gentle encouragement to be a sex deviant...a boost of confidence here and there, and some strong support in certain other areas. I confess I am a little envious but she is very nervous and doesn't know what his reaction will be...

But we know, don't we readers...that he will love it...I have even prepped him myself by sending him the following text;
'Just thought I should warn you, that I have set your lady friend a little challenge for tonight...no tables are involved, but some silk worms were possibly harmed in the making of the stockings. Enjoy x'

So she has been round for the past few hours so that I can check out the full ensemble; I have adjusted the straps, attached the suspenders to the stockings...she has also had a serious pep talk, confidence, work it baby!!!

I have to be honest, she looks amazing and very very sexy....however, anyone who knows me knows that I may be very tempted to call the police just after she has left and report her car as stolen...last seen with a scantily clad woman in it.

Her mission tonight is simple, which as I watch her leave my house in her heels I can see she has accepted....go blow him away girl....and let me know the details tomorrow so I can tell my friendly blog readers!!

Spring cleaning...

Pootle and I require some men.

About three, maybe four will do....for an hour, on Saturday. We can't promise that you won't be exhausted at the end of it, but we do promise to make you cups of tea and if you are really lucky, you may get a chocolate biscuit or two.

Does that sound like something someone out there can help with? It is nothing sordid I promise you...
Pootle is having a clear out and I am gaining a pine dresser. So we need to move her pine dresser to my house, which thankfully isn't far...but it is very heavy.

I can't wait. I love her pine dresser, and I am going to have a little project with it and get it back to great condition again - something to keep me busy.

In fact what with Pootle having a clear out, it feels as though I should be jumping on the bandwagon here and having a de-clutter myself. Out with the old, and maybe not quite in with the new...but certainly refreshing and a clearing out of rubbish.

A spring clean...of sorts...

Sunday, 7 April 2013


I have just spent the evening learning something new. Something that I really should have added to the list a long time ago, it was that good.

Pootle and I have been invited to a casino night in the not too distant future, and bearing in mind our current card playing repertoire stops at snap we really felt it was about time we played like the big boys and learnt how to play Poker.

Thankfully S has chips and the knowledge; whilst Pootle and I had beer, crisps and a fit of the giggles over 'the flop' and  'a great pair'.

It is strangely addictive.
Bluffing, folding and raising...thankfully not with real money or that may have withheld our ease of throwing away 100 chips...but by the end of the night we had our first real taste of the game and thoroughly enjoyed it. Already planning our 2014 trip to Vegas....

To be fair, S was incredibly patient with us, (you would need to be to teach us anything), but I don't think we were bad students and are hoping that it won't be too long before we do it again. I am itching to learn how to do it well.

The over all winner was Pootle. How the blooming hell she did it, S and I will never know...but she cackled her way through her great pile of chips like a member of parliament cutting benefits.

For a peace loving hippie, she makes a great Fagin.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Saying nothing...

The hobbits and I caught up with some good friends over a healthy lunch today.

After spending at least a good half hour freezing our asses off at the local park, we adjourned to their house for hot dogs and chip shop chips; just what he needed having only had an hours sleep last night travelling back from Austria.

I was most envious to hear of his week...having gone to Austria to experience the Snowbomb festival.  Not only did he get to ski all week, hang out with Eddie the Eagle (who apparently is a complete ace of a guy) but he also got to listen to some of the best new bands around.

Travelling one evening up on a cable car he spent an evening listening to Kasabian who played to the crowds from outside an igloo...what a buzz; had an amazing week seeing Example, Urban Knights and Fat Boy Slim...in the snow, in the forests, drinking Jaegermeister to keep warm...and he did it all in the name for an article he is writing for a National Newspaper.

How jealous do you think I am right now? I want his job!

His lovely wife was at home for the week working hard, looking after their gorgeous children and managing deadlines herself. They have a very solid marriage and both respect each other and support individual choices that they need to do.

So he had a week away playing and loving a little bit of freedom, exactly how a healthy relationship should be. However, what made me love this story even more was his reaction when he called his wife last Thursday to see how she was.

She had had a bad day at work herself with publishing deadlines and in all a bit of a week of it. Immediately sensing that she needed him more in that moment, he listened to her day and when she asked him about whether or not he was having fun, he simply replied, "yeah, it is ok." Nothing more.

That was the moment.
He didn't gloat, he didn't gush about what a ball he was having, who he was seeing and experiencing ....he just said it was ok. It wasn't the time to say those things and make her feel worse...showing the man he is that he put her in his mind first before anything else.

Another example, if needed, that sometimes saying little to nothing is the best response to a situation.

Friday, 5 April 2013


Hobbits and I are tired this evening...so we are snuggling.

Watching an old film, under duvets and snuggling with the most important men in my life just has to be about the best thing ever.

...apart from when they steal the last piece of pizza!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wrong dictionary...

Well, it turns out that life does indeed get better...without one even realising it that it is happening.

The hobbits and I have spent an enjoyable few days away with a friend and his children; a little mini break which was very welcome. (Hence the lack of blog...we were having too much fun).

Far too much money was spent on go-karting and the like, but we really benefited from some time away...so a very big thank you to my friend who invited us to join him.

We are also awaiting the arrival, the return, the grand entrance of the long lost Pootle...

Actually she wasn't that lost (only missed) and she returns today...much celebration abound. The hobbits and I have painted a Welcome Back banner this morning and posted it in our window for when she arrives...too much do you think? Ahh, what the hell...she is so so worth it.

So the wine, crisps etc are stocked for the evening ahead and I really can not wait to hear all of her travelling news and have cuddles with her boys too. They are our family - noisy roast dinners, messy bedrooms and raucous behaviour are abound. Love it!

What more can I tell you that is good? Oh, my boots have arrived...and they are indeed very special...totes amazeballs baby! In fact Batman has named them my 'Wonder Woman Boots'...I think he may be right.

They arrived while I was away and my postie left the box with a neighbour who said I looked like a big kid when I went round to pick them up. Does that surprise any of you, really?

My postie is a superstar with his dodgy wooly hat, and he checked this morning that I had got my parcel ok.

Naturally I had to show off the boots....
"Nice,' he said with a smile, "only mildly dangerous."
"Hmm," I nod in agreement, "only mildly."
"Would quite like to see my wife in them," he concurs.
"Amazon." I tell him, feeling like I am spreading the boot lurve.
"Trouble is, I am not sure she would stand up in them for long..." He says pondering.
"With these boots babe," I look at him, " she doesn't have to."
"That thought will keep me warm for the rest of the day." He says laughing.
Ah my boots...doing their duty and keeping Royal Mail staff warm on a snowy day!

So there you have it...an update. Again I apologise for the lack of blog, but other things have just taken priority over the last few days...

Oh and one more thing; I nearly forgot...my bad....

It turned out that penultimate doesn't mean final after all...wrong dictionary.