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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What mummy needs...

Batman observes me yet again, washing up this evening.

"Mummy you really need a dishwasher."
"Tell me about it babe." I say with a sigh...
"Why don't you get one?" He suggests.
"Well, we don't have any room for one."

"Oh...ok." He accepts. "But you are Wonder Woman aren't you?"
We all have alter egos in this house, and this evening I do feel a bit like a multi tasking super-heroine, as I wash dishes after dinner, make packed lunches, make fairy cakes for the school tomorrow and blog at the same time.
"Yes, that's me."

"You should have a crown, like Wonder Woman mummy." Pipes up Spider-Man, "And an invisible plane."
"And gold on your arms for fighting." Says Batman.
"Oh I have an invisible plane, you just can't see it."
"...and a rope." Suggests my little superman.
"A rope?" I query.
"Yes, to tie up the bad people."
"Oh yes, Wonder Woman has a lasso doesn't she? Well, I have handcuffs to tie up the bad people, so I am all set there."

There is silence at the table while they consider this...probably hoping I won't use the handcuffs on them.

"Mummy, if you are Wonder Woman, do you know what else you need?" Says Batman.
"No, no idea..I think we have it all covered don't we? The plane, the golden arm cuffs, the rope?"
"You need Superman." He says matter of factly.

Hobbits know and are very, very wise....do you think Superman washes up?

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