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Thursday, 12 February 2015

No fast food in space...

Spiderman has been experiencing a blip.

The last few weeks at school have been a trying time for him, his teachers and myself alike, while he has tested new boundaries and expressed his 'irritation' for all things...including learning.

Thankfully the last ten days have seen him turn a corner and we appear to be back on track, (admittedly seemingly encouraged by the lack of all things electronic) and he also seems to actually be excited by a recent school project.

I admit, I am excited by his project too. His project is all about Space, the planets and our moon; something that has seen him avidly researching 'Moon Facts' and replaying the lunar landings until the cows come home.

In turn, his growing knowledge has also started to inspire Batman and Superman and the last few nights have seen the three of them in the garden, wrapped up warmly, poised delicately with binoculars, checking out star constellations and crescent moons.

This evening brought further excitement. When I told them about Mars One.
"You mean someone is going to Mars?"
"What? Like forever?"
"Will they have babies?"
"How will they breathe?"
"Can they still order pizza from Domino's?

They found the whole thing fascinating, and so do I - that within the next 8 years man or woman could be landing on Mars; within my and their lifetime.

My hobbits however are less than impressed about going, with looks of horror on their faces as they each refused to go.
"No way."
"Nope, not for me."
"Couldn't live without Domino's Pizza."

Oh it is so wonderful to hear where I am in the pecking order.

However it is also wonderful to have children who get excited about something so exhilarating and inspiring that even I feel quite overwhelmed by it. Is this what it felt like back in 1969 when man landed on the moon? Did they consider it to be impossible as they gathered around their black and white TV's?

Now we are here, and hopefully within the next decade, humans will walk on Mars. Maybe they will find life? Water? Or maybe they will find proof that men really did originate from there?

Alas for me, I will still be plodding along back here on Earth, reprimanding my children and removing hardware and electronics to assist them in making the right choices...however after this evening, I also have another threat to keep them on the straight and narrow.

"If you don't behave, I'll send your ass to Mars."


Anonymous said...

I should teach them Astro navigation! Jon

Wonder(ing) Woman said...

What? In your spare time? :-)